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Historical Tours

Cairo Excursions:

  • Cairo Day Trip by bus (Small Group)

    Visit the main sights of Cairo during our Day Trip from Hurghada to Cairo by bus in a small tour group.

    65 €
  • Cairo Day Trip by private car

    Cairo Day Trip by private car will show you the heart of Egypt – Cairo.

    125 €
  • Day Trip to Cairo by Plane(small Group)

    We suggest you book a Day Trip to Cairo by Plane with us. The flight from Hurghada to Cairo takes just around 30 – 40 minutes.

    210 €
  • Private 2 Day Cairo Tour by car

    During the Private 2 Day Cairo Tour by car you will visit one of the oldest Wonders of the World and the greatest monuments of the Muslim part of Egyptian history.

    250 €
  • 2 Day Cairo Tour by plane

    2 day excursion to Cairo gives you a unique opportunity to delve into the rich history of Egypt.

    350 €
Historical Tours

Luxor Excursions:

  • Luxor Day Trip by bus (Small Group)

    Visit Luxor during your holidays in Egypt! It’s worth it, because when you are in Luxor, it seems that you are in another world full of secrets and mysteries

    65 €
  • Private Luxor Day Trip by car

    We are going to Luxor, the ancient capital of Egypt. An individual excursion to Luxor in a private car is an excellent choice for lovers of private holidays.

    115 €
  • 2 Day Trip to Luxor from Hurghada

    A two-day tour from Hurghada to Luxor will allow you to visit not only the famous Valley of the Kings and Queens, Karnak and Luxor temples, but also look into my famous Egyptian tombs and temples

    160 €
  • 2 Day trip to Luxor with Hot Air Balloon

    Visit the wonderful and majestic Luxor during your holidays in Egypt. This is not only a historical city, it is a kind of open-air museum.

    230 €

Sea Trips:

  • Paradise Island Hurghada

    Paradise Island is part of Big Giftun Island. And the main attraction of Paradise Island is the rich underwater world!

    22 €
  • Orange Bay Island Hurghada

    Sunny skies, crystal clear waters, white sandy beach, amazing boat trip… enjoy it all and join Orange Bay Hurghada tour.

  • Dolphin House Hurghada

    We invite you to the Dolphin House tour in Hurghada! This is a nature reserve where you can see dolphins up close in their natural habitat and not in captivity.

    20 €
  • Diving in Hurghada

    Egypt is famous for its beautiful, gentle and warm Red Sea. Divers from all over the world come here to dive on their own (with a certificate) or learn to dive in Hurghada.

    40 €
  • Royal Sea Scope Semi Submarine Hurghada Tour

    Royal Sea Scope Semi Submarine Hurghada Tour is great for children and adults for those who do not scuba dive but dream of seeing all the spectacular beauty of marine life and corals.

    15 €
  • Sindbad Submarine Trip

    If you are afraid to dive, but really want to get acquainted with the colorful underwater world of the Red Sea, then Sindbad Submarine Trip is just what you are looking for!

    45 €
  • Elite Pirates Sailing Boat with orange island

    Explore the High Seas with Snorkeling and Delicious Seafood Lunch!

    80 €
  • sharm el naga

    Certainly! It seems like you’re looking for an article on Sharm El Naga in Hurghada, Egypt. Here’s a sample article for you

    40 €

Private Boat trips:

  • Private Boat Trip Hurghada

    You don’t want to go on a sea trip in Hurghada with a group of strangers? Do you want to be only in your company during a sea trip on the Red Sea? This is not a problem, we can offer you excellent individual Boat!

    from 350 €
  • Private Boat Trip el Gouna

    You don’t want to go on a sea trip in el Gona with a group of strangers? Do you want to be only in your company during a sea trip on the Red Sea? This is not a problem, we can offer you excellent individual Boat!

    from 250 €

Entertainment tours:

  • Dolphin Show Hurghada

    We suggest you go to dolphinarium in Hurghada to meet and swim with dolphins in Hurghada.

  • Parasailing Hurghada

    Parasailing in Hurghada is a popular entertainment. This is a flight over the sea, in which a person is secured with a long cable to a moving transport boat.

    25 €
  • Horse riding in Hurghada (1 hour)

    Horse riding in Hurghada is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a way to cure many diseases and keep fit. We provide a Horse riding in Hurghada on calm, beautiful horses through the picturesque desert landscapes.

    20 €
  • Horse riding in Hurghada (2 hours)

    This is an amazing horse riding experience on the high seas in Hurghada, Egypt! We recommend Horse riding in Hurghada, because it allows tourists to have a good time by taking a horse ride in Hurghada!

    35 €
  • Hurghada City Tour

    We recommend Hurghada City Tour because it allows tourists to discover the various sights of Hurghada.

    15 €
  • El Gouna City Tour

    We offer you another more advanced version of sightseeing tours – El Gouna City Tour. Its a unique resort area with the romantic name Egyptian Venice or El Gouna.

    15 €
  • water sports

    Welcome to your water sports extravaganza in the stunning Red Sea! Your adventure

    40 €

Desert Safari:

  • 3 hours Quad Tour Hurghada

    Quad tour in Hurghada is one of the most popular Hurghada Desert Safari, which combines a bit of extreme, enjoyment of speed and desert landscapes.

    15 €
  • 5 hours Quad Tour Hurghada

    Feel the adrenaline rush as you ride a quad bike through the desert on our 5 hours Quad Tour Hurghada. Quad Safari in Hurghada is a wonderful opportunity to see the desert in all its beauty and splendor.

  • 5 hours Family Jeep Safari

    We invite you to make a wonderful journey through the mysterious Egyptian desert during 5 hours Family Jeep Safari.

    15 €
  • Mega Safari Hurghada

    Mega Safari Hurghada includes the most of what can be seen in other safari excursions. A journey into the world of sands and mountains will open up a new world for you, the world of the desert

    20 €
  • Stargazing

    Arrive at an oasis in the middle of the desert after 17 km off-roading enjoying hills in pure nature. -Welcome Bedouin tea with herbs that you will not try anywhere else. -watch Bedouin’s pure life and how they make their own bread with simple tools and how delicious it is. -start the program with a camel ride and try a new adventure driving a horse carriage on your own. – watch the sun threw telescope using professional filters. -watch the sunset as you never watch it before on a high panorama hill. -delicious dinner in a nice atmosphere (rice – meatballs – grilled chicken – seasonal vegetables –salads – fruits-cola). – watch available planets threw a professional telescope. -professional guide explain stars groups, horoscope, and all about astronomy.

  • moto drive sun rise

    Moto drive sun rise – trip start at 4.00 am . – welcome drink . – Moto drive till hill where we watch the sun rise . – drive back to station .

  • moto sun set with dinner and show

    – trip start at 15.00 . – welcome drink . – Moto drive till hill where we watch the sun set . – drive back to station . – Bedouin dinner . – show ( fire – oriental show – belly dancer ).


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